Campaigners from Dog Meat Free Indonesia a group of

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Wholesale Replica Bags MORE than a million Australians flock to this holiday hotspot every year, but few are aware of the extent of its sickening underbelly.And now there are fears that the health and safety of tourists is at risk on the streets of Indonesia high quality replica bags due to the country illegal dog and cat meat trade.Campaigners from Dog Meat Free Indonesia a group of organisations including the Humane Society International have issued a warning that visitors could be at risk of being exposed to the luxury replica bags rabies virus due to contaminated carcasses.The organisation revealed that tests of just nine dog carcasses from markets on the idyllic Indonesian island of Sulawesi showed one was infected with rabies.They said the infection rate is best replica designer consistent with published studies showing a high prevalence of rabies positive dogs for sale in markets in Indonesia and other parts of Asia.Rabies could spread to humans during the slaughter of dogs or contact with infected meat with some tourists even being tricked into eating the meat by local vendors.The replica bags online alert comes as Indonesia prepares to host the 18th Asian Games next month, with the government hoping to attract three million tourists to the capital city of Jakarta. It attracts 12 million global tourists annually.Earlier this year the campaigners released shocking footage best replica designer bags and images showing the cruel treatment of the animals, who are tied best replica bags online up, thrown into vehicles and locked in cages before being bludgeoned in front of spectators at markets, with good quality replica bags their hair burned off by blowtorches while still alive.Most of the images are too shocking to show you, and will turn even the strongest of replica designer backpacks stomachs.around the world should be issuing warnings to their nationals who are visiting Indonesia of the dangers of the dog and cat meat trade and the live markets, despite some local tour operators promoting them as see places and experiences, Dr Katherine Polak, of action group Four Paws, said.Meanwhile, Nicola Beynon, head of campaigns for Humane Society International in Australia, said: is a country of world renowned natural best replica bags beauty, but its international reputation is high quality designer replica marred by the ugly brutality of its dog and cat meat trade.It a genuine concern that innocent 7a replica bags wholesale travellers could be exposing themselves to dangerous and even deadly diseases. The lack of government action to crack down on this trade is certainly calling into question Indonesia position as a prime tourist destination.Many said they were appalled over the lack of action designer replica luggage by law enforcement officials to buy replica bags punish or deter the gangs.Merry, a resident of Tomohon City described her ordeal: saw it happen through the upstairs window. Wholesale Replica Bags

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